10 Best Practices in eLearning for IT Security Awareness

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10 Best Practices in eLearning for IT Security Awareness

Recently, the SecureClick team were at Learning Technologies 2019 (London) conference and exhibition. It always provides an excellent overview of best-practices in organisational learning and e-learning technologies.

  • Many of the world’s top companies from Hyundai, LVMH to JYSK are aiming to foster a pull-oriented learning culture. They are authoring content for their e-learning platforms which employees actually want to use rather than are forced to use. 

  • User-generated content is becoming de-rigeur. A learning officer from Hilti (the power tools company) stated how 91% of their content is now user generated. Their employees “valued content from people who did the same job as me”. This process is made easier by the availibility of auto-curation tools. 

  • Many learning officers are now focussing on quality of the content rather than the quantity. It is more engaging and more effective at changing employee behaviour. The days of users aimlessly clicking on one slide after another are coming to end…thankfully.  

  • Users love affair with scenario-based learning continues. The learning officer for JYSK revealed how it has proven to the be the most popular and effective method of instruction for their employees.

  • The popularity of microlearning continues because it’s fun, bite-sized and mobile first. 

  •  Microlearning is commonly taking the form as a mobile app. Organisations such as JYSK are noticing how commute time is becoming a popular time to access the app. While the learning officer from Rimowa LVMH even had some employee requests to turn the app off it was getting so addictive.  For Hyundai USA traditional PC based e-learning did not work for their dealership staff at all. Their millenial staff regarding it as boring and irrelevant. They much preferred app-based learning. As did Hilti employees worldwide who just loved the ability to “pop-in and out of the platform” using just their phones.

  • Blended learning (i.e. combining instructor-led courses with e-learning) is still touted my many learning officers as a highly effective learning methodology. Instructor-led training is still widely “blended” with e-learning. Everyone is all going “phygital” now…  The demise of instructor-led training has been greatly exaggerated… 

  • Great learning or behaviour change programs are based on winning hearts and minds. Several chief learning officers revealed how purely logical appeals for employee engagement don’t work – sucessful employee engagement uses both logical and emotional appeals.

  • Gamification stills work – It has’nt just been a passing fad. The learning officer from Remova-LVMH even remarked how they setup a leaderboard and their how their CEO “really got into it”.  

And finaly the importance of benchmarking behaviour change was touched up by most speakers as was the need to use relevant metrics and to celebrate wins.

The blog just provides a brief snapshot of how e-learning can be effectively deployed for your IT security awareness program. If you need more actionable insights contact SecureClick (Dublin, Ireland) on 01 254 9702

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